Clinkenbeard is an innovator in the rapid development of complex parts and assemblies…a competitive advantage necessary for Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Truck, Power Gen and Industrial applications.

AS9100 certification and ITAR compliance, mixed with more than 50 years of proven expertise in engineering, advanced machining and foundry tooling capabilities, Clinkenbeard can dramatically accelerate the product development process – from initial concept, to prototyping and production, to complete training and simulation systems.

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Since August 1966, Clinkenbeard has focused on providing engineering excellence to meet ever-changing industry demands. Founder Kenny Clinkenbeard, saw the importance of coupling a state-of-the-art facility with highly trained engineers to meet customers with a passionate drive to tackle their toughest challenges. Although our building footprint and industries served has grown exponentially over the decades, our pursuit of bringing innovation to new markets and rapid development to meet industry needs still propels our vision.

Clinkenbeard’s casting & foundry tooling experience dates to our origin over 50 years ago, with skilled craftsmen making patterns on the bench for local aerospace OEM’s. Since then, our accumulated experience has evolved into skilled designers working in 3D CAD & 5-axis machinists cutting patterns, machining castings and hogouts from solid in high speed CNC milling centers, with a specialty in high quality iron, aluminum, and magnesium castings. Our experience deepens our expertise; allowing us to better understand the complex issues involved with each step of the process to enable your product to reach the market AHEAD of the competition.


Today, Clinkenbeard is AS9100 certified and ITAR compliant which means we can support product development programs for many types of customers and in a number of ways. Success comes from a healthy sense of urgency, knowledge in a wide range of engineering and manufacturing processes and delivering the highest quality product possible.

Clinkenbeard guarantees:

Short Lead Times

Short lead times

Short lead times for master patterns, pre-production tooling, and soft production tooling from 3D CAD model.

Multi-Axis CNC

Well-established CNC department

A well-established CNC department and conventional pattern shop with background in simple parts as well as and highly cored aerospace castings and CNC hogouts from solid raw material.

In-House Molding

In-house molding

In-house molding and core making capability to test tooling before it is shipped.

Intimate Knowledge

Intimate knowledge

Intimate knowledge of foundry tooling and castings.


Our Mission & Values

Clinkenbeard strives to provide customers with the highest quality product within a compressed time schedule. By leveraging new technologies, top talent and leading-edge manufacturing processes, Clinkenbeard will pursue market sectors and product groups to maintain a healthy balance of business.

We will constantly aim to be the source for Innovative manufacturing – from concept to reality – for customers who value quality, speed, and reliability.

Respect – recognizing others for their capabilities and value

Value Creation – achieve success by helping our customers, employees, and stakeholders succeed

Innovation – creative, flexible, and resourceful solutions with continuous improvement through products and processes

Collaboration – leverage collective skills and talents

Ownership – this is our company and our future, own it

Positive Culture – sustain an environment where employees can think big, have fun and do good

Quality – pride in our work

Speed – a bias for action and a sense of urgency