TSIS 2023

Andy Mohler, CAPT, USN (ret)

The National Training & Simulation Association (NTSA) hosted its annual Training & Simulation Industry Symposium (TSIS) in Orlando In June. This year’s symposium set record attendance levels and provided industry professionals an opportunity to network and interact with the procurement officials for training and simulation products and services from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force.

Andy Mohler, CAPT, USN (ret), Senior Military Training Consultant for Clinkenbeard, was present at this year’s symposium, demonstrating our physical training devices. Andy has attended TSIS for over 20 years and shares his thoughts about show, and industry, below.

  1. DoD training budgets continue a long-term trend upwards. In the FY23 Defense budget, Navy/USMC rose more than 12%, Joint 18.5%, Army 11%, and USAF 2.2%. with a total topline for training more than $20B. This year-over-year rise shows the growing recognition of the critical role in providing realistic, modern, reliable training systems. World events in the Russian aggression again teach us an old lesson; poor training negates the battlefield value of hi-tech weapon systems. Our foreign allies also realize this, as evidenced by strong growth in Security Assistance training budgets.
  2. My sense is that fewer of our new military members have grown up handling tools and performing maintenance tasks, and even fewer have trade skills. Physical hands-on devices are critical to teach these muscle memory skills and Clinkenbeard has that expertise and proven performance.
  3. Clinkenbeard provides a unique niche in military training that is becoming more in demand. That is, the need for “real feel” hands-on training systems. There is a growing understanding that not everything can be taught only through visual media. In fact, many maintenance and operational tasks in the military and civilian world must be performed in low light, dust storms, rain, and blowing snow. Some tasks rely solely on touch, such as turbine blade blending.
  4. The continued pressure on training the “old-fashioned” way, using operational systems (e.g. a spare actual cockpit, or an actual mil spec engine) are long gone. The need for high quality, affordable, rugged, realistic training systems that are even better than the real device is the perfect sweet spot for Clinkenbeard.

In closing, I am proud of the work that the Clinkenbeard team does every day. The innovation, commitment to customer satisfaction, and top-notch quality at affordable prices work in concert to make a real difference for customers!